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Zoll M Series Defibrillator


The Zoll M Series is the smallest, lightest, brightest defibrillator unit in its class makes for easy handling and optimal viewing while the built-in AC power and battery charger doesn’t add size or weight.



Zoll M Series Defibrillator Features

ZOLL’s patented external Pacing offers superior capture at lower mean thresholds, reducing muscle artifact and ensuring more patient comfort and better patient tolerance.

  • Consistent, straight forward controls.
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Non-invasive blood pressure

End-tidal CO2 with either 3 or 12 lead ECG cables

Zoll M Series Defibrillator Specifications 

Screen Size: 5.6″ (diagonal)
Sweep Speed: 25 mm/sec.
Viewing Time: 4 seconds.
Channels: 2.
Overall Size: 6.8″ (H) x 10.3″ (W) x 8.2″ (D).
Weight: 11.5 lbs.
Operating Temperature: 0 to 55 ┬░C.
Design Standards: Meets or exceeds UL 2601, AAMI DF-39, AAMI DF-2, and IEC 601-2-4.

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