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Zimmer ATS2000 Tourniquet


The Zimmer ATS2000 Tourniquet combines the latest in advanced tourniquet technology with the well-established Zimmer tradition of safety, reliability, and convenience.


Zimmer ATS2000 Tourniquet Features

  • Self-check Calibration: automatically checks the accuracy of the machine calibration each time the unit is powered on – saving setup time.
  • Cuff Alert: alerts user of cuff status when attempt is made to set the machine to stand-by.
  • Cuff Lockout: prompts the user to confirm the deflation command during bilateral or IVRA procedures in order to reduce complications due to sudden cuff deflation.
  • One-hour Battery Backup: maintains pressure if AC power is temporarily lost.
  • Color-Coded Cuffs: from 8 inches to 42 inches accommodate virtually all patients and limbs.
  • Carrying Handle: makes the system easy to transport, and includes pull-out hangers for storage of cuffs and hoses. The lightweight, portable unit can be mounted on an IV pole or placed on a table.
  • Uses ambient air
  • Uses electronic and microprocessor regulated pressure
  • Dual Port, Dual Cuff system: for simultaneous use of two dual port cuffs each with offering independent pressure and time regulation
  • Facilitates dual port, dual bladder cuff usage for IVRA/Bier Block procedures
  • Uses dedicated ports for supplying and measuring pressure which allows for fast and precise pressure regulations
  • Visual and audible alarms activated when an unsafe condition is detected.

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