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Metro Life Line Crash Cart


The Metro Lifeline Emergency Cart is the only cart that is designed exclusively as a crash cart to respond quickly and efficiently to a code event.


Metro Life Line Crash Cart Features

  • Clean, contemporary design.
  • Maneuverable – An ergonomic handle and a propriety 5th wheel steering assist system assures maximum control in transit and maneuverability during a code.
  • Accessible – Storage areas for first line medications, airway and other critical supplies and equipment are designed to be accessed by multiple members of the code response team.
  • Secure – Tamper evident seals secure the top compartment, drawers and side bins and can be sealed in segments or one seal can secure the entire cart.
  • Organized – Full extension, self-closing drawers, drawer divider systems, exchange trays and drawer labels are available to allow for easy access and identification of drawer contents.

Call us at 888-617-IMED(4633) to order the Metro Life Line Crash Cart.


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