Medtronic LifePak20 Defibrillator

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Medtronic LifePak20 Defibrillator




Medtronic LifePak20 Features

  • With Paddles
  • All Patient Cables
  • New Rechargeable Battery
  • Multi-function Quick Combo Cables for Defibrillation and Pacing with Test Plug
  • 2 Sets of Adult Quick Combo Pads for Hands-Free Defibrillation and Pacing
  • Operation Manual
  • Printer paper

Medtronic LifePak20 Specifications

Weight: 16 lbs.
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in

Call us at 888-617-IMED(4633) to order the Medtronic LifePak20 Defibrillator.


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