Medtronic AED 500

Medtronic AED 500


The Medtronic AED 500 is designed to be used by first responders to diagnose cardiac emergencies.


Medtronic AED 500 Features

  • After the electrode pads are applied, the fully automatic model evaluates the heart rhythm and, if a shockable rhythm is detected, delivers a shock without any responder assistance.
  • No AC power is required
  • Simple 2 or 3-button operation takes a user through the defibrillation process with visual and audio prompts
  • LCD display so you can read the instructional prompts if background noise prevents you from hearing them.
  • Biphasic electrical waveform escalates energy output if the patient’s situation demands it
  • Pediatric capable with use of optional pediatric electrodes
  • With carrying case

Call us at 888-617-IMED(4633) to order the Medtronic AED 500.


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