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GE B650 Patient Monitor


The GE CARESCAPE Monitor B650 can help you manage your patient flow by getting you the right clinical information, when and where you need it. Its intuitive design allows for easy training for all staff experience levels.



GE B650 Patient Monitor Features/Specifications 

  • User-friendly interface gives caregivers a clear view of vital data at all times.
  • Configurable 15-inch display with pivotal frame gives you full access to the patient and enhanced cable management.
  • Transition patients easily from high to low acuity.
  • Easily train all staff experience levels on the familiar, user-friendly interface.
  • Pages & Profiles functionality offers dedicated software for Anesthesia, PACU, Critical Care, Emergency Care and NICU care areas.
  • Customize views from eight to 14 waveforms with overlays and insets to suit the caregivers’ and patients’ needs.
  • Exceptional alarm functionality allows sharing of clinically significant alarms within and across care units, helping optimize workflow and reducing unnecessary alarms.
  • Leverage your existing network and protect your long-term investment with scalability and flexibility.
  • Get in-person, remote or off-site service to keep your system running efficiently while lowering maintenance costs.

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