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Drager Anesthesia Machine


The Drager Anesthesia Machine can play an important role in optimizing your anesthesia workflow and reducing process costs with features such as the fully automatic self-test.


Drager Anesthesia Machine Features/Specifications

Volume, Pressure, galvanic cell inspired Oxygen
Ventilator: Ascending bellows pneumatic double-circuit AV2+ style ventilator without tidal volume compensation. Modes volume control (VCV), Manual/Spontaneous. Mechanical “bag/vent” switch.
Machine checklist: Manual FDA-style checklist.
Flowmeters: Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Vaporizers: Variable-bypass vaporizers are used.
Breathing circuit: Traditional absorber head. The breathing circuit is higher volume (dual absorbent canisters). May use loose granules or prefilled canisters. May be used with non-rebreathing circuits.
Scavenger: Open, closed, or passive scavenger interface.
Electrical power failure: Most functions except patient monitoring are preserved during power failure, as this is a basic pneumatic-mechanical machine.
Weight: 230 lbs.

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