Care Fusion LVT1000 Ventilator

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Care Fusion LVT1000 Ventilator


The LTV 1000 ventilator from CareFusion features a footprint which is a fraction of the size of comparably equipped ventilators, allowing your staff and your patients to benefit from a conveniently portable and advanced ventilation system.



Care Fusion LVT1000 Ventilator Features

  • The LTV 1000 ventilator is diagnostic ready with Auto-Peep and Static Compliance features.
  • This medical equipment also has the added capability of utilizing the LTMâ„¢ Graphics Monitor for full-color, user selectable ventilator wave form displays and diagnostics.
  • The LTV 1000 ventilator features an internal oxygen blending system for control of FIO2, whether connected to a high or low pressure O2 source. O2 Flush, O2 Cylinder Duration and Automatic O2 Switchover features provide improved patient care.

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