Care Fusion LVT 900 Ventilator

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Care Fusion LVT 900 Ventilator


The Care Fusion LTV 900 features many of today’s most popular modes of ventilation, including pressure support, NPPV, adjustable flow triggering and an apnea back-up mode.



Care Fusion LVT 900 Ventilator Features

  • Versatile 13.4 lb design provides patients with the freedom to be more mobile.
  • Ease of Use – An intuitive interface makes the LTV 900 easy to understand and operate.
  • Extensive patient monitoring capabilities and a comprehensive alarms package for optimum patient care.
  • With a footprint and size at a fraction of comparably equipped ventilators, the LTV 900 allows for greater patient mobility.
  • Patient Comfort Designed to provide optimum patient comfort and care
  • Variable Rise Time
  • Variable Sensitivity Flow Trigger
  • Variable Flow Termination
  • Variable Time Termination
  • Leak Compensation NPPV Mode
  • High Pressure Alarm Delay Oxygen Bleed In Low Flow / Low Pressure
  • Versatile Power Options for increased patient mobility and ease of transport
  • LTV can be used with a variety of power sources: AC power LTV Transport Battery System LTV Universal Power Supply 3-Hour External Battery 9-Hour External Battery Automobile Lighter Adapter.

Call us at 888-617-IMED(4633) to order the Care Fusion LVT 900 Ventilator.

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