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Camtech ExpandaCare Bariatric Bed

$3,995.00 $3,495.00

The Camtech ExpandaCare Bariatric Bed is a durable and reliable full electric bed with four motors and drop down side rails. It is used in nursing homes, hospitals, long term care and home care environments. This hospital bed is unique because not only is it bariatric but it also sits very low to the ground making it ideal for patients in wheelchairs, senior patients, pediatric and other types of special need patients.


Camtech ExpandaCare Bariatric Bed

The Camtech Expandacare hospital bed is an “extra wide bed” that includes a
36 inch, 42 inch and 48 inch width option. This bed also includes an 850 pound
weight capacity and a pendant – remote control with chair option, Trendelenburg,
Reverse Trendelenburg, head up, foot up and bed up and down options.

This hospital bed is durable and reliable and can be sold with an air or foam mattress.
It also sits just 7 inches off the ground when in its lowest position making it ideal for
patients in wheelchairs and seniors to get on and off the bed.

Contact us direct for air mattress options. Foam mattress includes a 48 inch wide mattress.

Joerns bought Camtech and now the bed is also referred to as a “Joerns bed”.

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Camtech ExpandaCare Bariatric - Extra Wide Hospital Bed

Camtech ExpandaCare Bariatric – Extra Wide Hospital Bed

Camtech ExpandaCare Bariatric Bed Pricing: 

  • Refurbished – $3495 with 48 inch foam mattress included

Camtech ExpandaCare Bariatric Bed Features

  • a Chair position
  • Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg settings
  • Scale feature
  • Pendant control
  • Caregiver control at foot of bed
  • 850 pound patient weight capacity

Camtect ExpandaCare Bariatric Bed Specificatons

  • Sits just 9.5 inches off of the ground
  • Up to 29.5 inches high with expandable sides of 36, 42 or 48 inch options.
  • Overall Length 89 inches

Camtech Bed Manual

Call us at 888-617-IMED(4633) to order the Camtech ExpandaCare Bariatric Bed.

Camtech ExpandaCare Bariatric Hospital Bed remote control - pendant

Camtech ExpandaCare Bariatric Hospital Bed remote control – pendant

Camtech ExpandaCare Bariatric Hospital Bed

Camtech ExpandaCare Bariatric Hospital Bed

Camtech ExpandaCare Bariatric Bed Warranty Information

iMedical USA appreciates the orders from our customers and has a bed warranty to help provide a way to protect beds from damage in shipping and unforeseen mechanical issues.
The limited bed product warranty includes the following from the receipt of order:

Camtech ExpandaCare Bed Warranty includes:
Lifetime warranty on bed frame for structural defects
Unlimited technical support for the life of the product
One (90) day parts warranty
Contact us direct for extended warranty options

Extended parts and labor warranties are available by iMedical for an additional fee and must be purchased at the time of the bed order.

The liability of iMedical under this limited product warranty does not extend to any misuse or damage caused by improper movement and installation in the building location, abuse or misuse of the product, or its repair by anyone other than an authorized iMedical staff member.

Customer assumes responsibility for any damaged item caused from shipping if the item is not inspected immediately upon delivery and reported. iMedical also assumes no liability for items damaged in shipping from the original purchaser’s own freight carrier.

iMedical asks purchaser to thoroughly inspect the item(s) upon delivery and see if there is any damage of the product. If any damage is seen the purchaser must report such damage in detail on the freight carrier’s bill of lading so that an insurance claim can be filed immediately.

The purchaser should also contact the iMedical shipping department immediately at 888-617-IMED(4633) to report damage or problems with the item caused from shipping. For questions or more information on warranty information, extended warranties and product information contact iMedical at 888-617-IMED(4633).

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