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Abbott Plum XL Infusion Pump


The Abbott Plum XL is a dual-line volumetric infusion pump that provides primary, secondary, and piggyback options. This device has a wide range of capabilities from home care applications to critical care.


Abbott Plum XL Infusion Pump Features

  • Large LCD display
  • Volume to be Infused (VTBI) setting
  • Safeguards to protect against over ­delivery:
    – Motor speed is continuously monitored
    – Firmware senses malfunctions that could result in gravity flow
  • Volume infused accumulation displays for primary and secondary solutions
  • Non­-pulsatile volumetric accuracy
  • Microprocessor control
  • Titration
  • Self test
  • Simple setup
  • Automatic memory retention of all previous therapy settings and fluid delivery data, until cleared by user
  • Two ­level adjustable alarm volume
  • Runs parenteral (blood) and non-­parenteral (enteral) fluids
  • Uses standard full-fill, part-fill, syringe, and vial containers

Abbott Plum XL Infusion Pump Specifications 

Dimensions: 8.25″H x 7.5″W x 8.75″D
Weight: 7.75 lbs.
Turn to run
Low battery
Set rate
Check settings
VTBI complete

Call us at 888-617-IMED(4633) to order the Abbott Plum XL Infusion Pump.


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