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Stretchers and Gurneys – Hill Rom, Stryker, Steris Hausted

Find a wide variety of used-refurbished stretchers and gurneys from Hill Rom, Stryker, Hausted-Steris, Midmark, Pedigo and more including transport stretchers, ER stretchers, delivery and OB-GYN stretchers, eye stretchers, surgical stretchers and ambulance gurneys.

We sell stretchers used – refurbished and reconditioned with new mattress pads to surgery centers, hospitals, urgent care, emergency rooms, maternity wards, NICU departments, ICU, acute care departments and more. Hospitals and surgery centers can save 50% to 70% on stretcher costs when buying used – refurbished stretchers and still get full warranty options and service.

iMedical stretchers and hospital beds refurbished

iMedical stretchers and hospital beds refurbished

Our most popular stretcher models include:
Hill Rom P8000 Transtar
Stryker 1005 SM204 stretcher
Stryker 1015 SM204 stretcher
Stryker 1069 eye stretcher gurney
Stryker 1061 OBGYN stretcher
Stryker 1080 fluoroscopic stetcher

See more stretcher and gurney models at the link below.

Stryker 1015 stretcher model

Stryker 1005 SM204 stretcher

Hill Rom P8000 Transtar stretcher