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Find a wide variety of hospital beds used-refurbished and reconditioned by Hill Rom, Stryker, Linet, CHG, Camtech, Joerns and other major manufacturers. Our hospital beds are full electric beds used in hospitals, surgery centers, long term care, convalescent care, nursing schools, SIM labs and home care. Our hospital beds are sold both refurbished and reconditioned with warranty and we can deliver or ship anywhere in the United States or International.

Air mattress hospital beds and models

We sell hospital beds with both foam and air mattress systems and can deliver from Richmond Virginia and San Diego California. Air mattress hospital beds are designed to treat and prevent bed sores, pressure wounds, skin ulcers and skin breakdown where as foam mattress beds are for patients that are more mobile and get out of bed more often.

We sell over 8,000 hospital beds per year both used, refurbished and reconditioned and also sell hospital beds wholesale “as is” to other dealers and bed companies.

Our most popular hospital bed models include:

Foam Mattress Bed Models:
Hill Rom P3200 Versacare
Hill Rom CareAssist ES
Hill Rom Advanta 2
Stryker Secure 2
Stryker Secure 3

Air Mattress Bed Models
Hill Rom P3200 Versacare
Hill Rom P1900 TotalCare Sport 2
Stryker InTouch

For more information on hospital beds and prices visit the link below or contact us for more information.
Virginia (804) 929-6886 California (858) 263-4894

Hospital Bed Models and Prices Below 


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