iMedical Equipment & Service


iMedical, Inc. is a medical equipment solutions group with a wide range of innovative offerings.


From specialties like beds, stretchers, and surgical theater equipment to finding just the right piece to fit a specific end user need, iMedical has solutions. Over the past decade, we have cultivated a thorough understanding of industry needs and trends, allowing us to operate in an entirely new model defined by quality, service, and value.


Our brick and mortar sites are built as pristine showrooms, with equipment ready to leave the shelves, given a final inspection by our certified biomedical technician, and delivered directly to our clients.


We contract directly with hospitals to find new distribution channels for their used equipment. Ranging across the globe, our connections have been cultivated over more than a decade, ensuring that our team is always able to generate the most revenue for our clients.


iMedical provides solutions tailored for any scenario. With decades of experience in everything from consulting to installation on our side, clients can be confident in our ability to achieve results.